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Israel Will Not Celebrate Its Centennial

Why Israel Will Not Celebrate Hundred Years?
By Wafaa' Al-Natheema

All world's empires no matter how vast crumbled after a prolonged disunity, corruption, lack of conscience, a bank of enemies and after committing oppression and savagery.

Israel, which was created on the bases of genocide and terror is one such power. Although it is a mistake to compare it with any other preceding empires or powers, like the Greek, Roman, Russian or British, it is still a power heading sooner or later to disappearance.

I've discussed with some Iraqis the fact that Israel will never celebrate its centennial, but they mostly disagreed with my prediction. In fact, they don't realize that just by the mere fact that they think Israel will not vanish and is in full control of the USA, they give it more life and prolong its age further. The psychology of fear and defeat is what I mean.

I enlist here why Israel will not celebrate its cenntenial:

1. It was created based on a borrowed ideology, 'Zionism', which was introduced by Christian Europeans at least two centuries before Theodor Herzl (b. May 2, 1860).
From English scholar Francis Kett in 1585 to another English advocate, Thomas Draxe in 1608, and from Thomas Brightman (1552-1607) to Joseph Mede (1586-1638); all advocated and published statements that Jews should be restored to the land of Israel. Borrowed ideologies are not long lasting and require force, propaganda and even terrorism to flourish. Till now Zionism has not flourished and been equated with Nazism.

2. Zionists used terrorism to kill thousands of Palestinians and wipe
out tens of villages. That is a gloomy beginning and a can-worm opener for animosity and retaliation. Humanity's subconscience will not forget these horrors. Based on the notions of "a reaction for every action" and Karma, the violence will continue until Israel vanishes.

3. A tiny state consisting of immigrants with a cocktail of backgrounds, cultures and languages who only lived with each other for 60 years makes it difficult to achieve unity, a creation based on a religious (Jewish) affiliation is no recipe for survival, never mind a lasting society. It has no written, well-respected constitution and has been far from being democratic and inclusive. It antagonizes and discriminates against not just Moslem Arabs, but even Christian and Jewish Arabs and other easterners and Africans.

4. Israel was created and lasted based on charitable money donated by Europe and the USA. The support of the former has lessened and the economical deterioration of the USA will soon affect its financial support. Added to the scandals by Jewish financial lenders and investors are all formulas for failure. The Madoff and the Holyland-Olmert scandals are two of many that occurred and will happen.

5. It is a poor state geographically, historically (a 62-year old) and agriculturally. Because of its violent nature and lust for wars to ensure fake unity and survival, even tourism has been seriously affected and will even worsen. International Boycotts have been organized numerous times against Israeli products and politics and will increase. Worldwide sympathy and solidarity for Palestinians have increased many folds.

6. Israel continues to steal water from its neighbor Jordan and takes it for granted as if its own. The needy Jordanians will not keep quiet for long. Recently it has even stolen oil from Iraq's Kurds. Theft has been one of Israel's main characteristics. Stealing and lying are no formulas for sustainability.

7. Its citizens are mostly seen in the media as soldiers, killers or as, they pride themselves, spies, assassins and trainers of militias and mercenaries like when they trained Ethiopians, Kurds and others.

8. A state with no worldwide famous artists and athletes will not be able to build bridges with the rest of the world and gain sympathy or have fans especially when in the news it is usually viewed in confrontation, conflicts and wars. Jews who become famous worldwide are usually citizens of the USA or Europe who present their contributions in languages other than Hebrew. In fact, there has been not one friendly and/or handsome Israeli face on TV for decades!

9. Jewish Zionists are emotional and can easily fall in irrationalities and embarrassing situations, more than their opponents. Those who think that Zionists are united, careful and calculating are naive, in fact wrong. Israel's politicians take orders from USA leaders too and do them favors: The war on Lebanon in 2006, the siege on Gazza and the recent massacre of Turks were all events that served USA interest at least indirectly by shifting world's attention away from its failures in Afghanistan and especially in Iraq.

10. Israel's twisting of history events is known to a large number of citizens worldwide. The rest will not be fooled for a long time. In the last four years, even students in Europe and the USA began to seriously challenge and embarrass Israeli politicians whenever they speak publicly. Zionists' arguments have all been repetitive like a crooked musical record, i.e 'Jew-hating', 'anti-Semitic', 'promise land', 'holocaust', 'terrorist Hamas', and soon they will receive a deaf ear from world's citizens. They have no capabilities to invent new lies and stories. Technology will make it even harsher for them to hide the truth.

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