Thursday, February 19, 2009


Obama's Jewish White House Staff

"New" White House Staff:

David Axelrod - Senior Advisor to the President - Jewish
Larry Summers - Economic Advisor to the President - Jewish
Paul Volcker - Economic Advisor to the President - Jewish
Peter Orszag - Head of Budget - Jewish
Rahm Emanuel - Chief of Staff - Jewish
Ronald Klain - Chief of Staff to the Vice President of the United States - Jewish
Tim Geithner - Treasury Secetary - Jewish

Obama's stance agreeing that Jerusalem to be the capital of Israel
is unique.

No Arab and Moslem staff, yet some in the Arab and Islamic
worlds have been optimistic and naively applauded him!

If the White House Staff was composed of so many Germans, Russians o any other group of single national group, people would be horrified.
How come one, very small group by percentage of population, can have so many around the most important man, the president? Not just Obama but all of them! What about the actions of AIPAC? Isn't that also alarming?
I think the staffing in White House is out of balance.
Dear Wafaa
Thanks,for your clarifications,this informations,tell us the reasons behind election of Obama.Bush have done his part in the big theatre of the world. The part expected for Obama now i think in breif is to build new relation politically & economically between arab world & Israel.The economic crisis is part of the game,all gulf countries including Iraq,now suffering from oil prices,which will be like hammer on the heads of oil princes.
Thanks again Wafaa,
Warm Regards
Asir Alnaama
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