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Khalid I. Hassoon & Jamal Abdul Nasser

1937 Kut, IRAQ-1989 Boston, USA

In Memory of Khalid Ibrahim Hassoon
who departed on September 28, 1989
& Egypt's President Jamal Abdul Nasser

who passed a way on September 28, 1970

Written by Wafaa' Al-Natheema, Khalid's Niece
September 28, 2007
Cambridge, Massachusetts (USA)

Khallid I. Hassoon was born in 1937 in Kut. He earned a Masters degree in architecture from Moscow Architectural Institute in 1967. He married in 1971, and with his wife, he had Nadia then Zaid. His son, Zaid, ranked IRAQ’s first graduating with a Masters of Science degree in computer science. Khalid did not see his son graduate with such high honor. He died from lung cancer on Thursday, September 28, 1989 while at Mass General Hospital in Boston. He did not get to fly back to his family in Baghdad. His body boarded the flight back home, and accompanied by my father, Mahmood Salman.

Among his student friends in Moscow were architect Khalid As-Sultany who currently lives in Denmark. Another one of his friends was Abdul Amir Arrubaie. The latter, whose wife is Russian, has been living between the UK and Morocco for over a decade.

Khalid's sense of humor was unique and unforgettable. I miss him dearly.

What is common between Khalid Hassoon & Jamal Abdul Nasser?

Recently an Iraqi fellow sent me an email with information in Arabic about Egypt's president Jamal Abdul Nasser indicating that he died on September 28 at the age of 52. Khalid also died at the age of 52. So I wrote a 52-line poem in English in his memory, which was published in my book, "Untamed Nostalgia -- Wild Poemsin 2004.

Unfortunately, I have no audio or video recording of Khalid Hassoon other than a very short recording of a phone call with his sister calling from Baghdad.

This link includes Khalid's voice speaking with his sister on the phone while in Boston as well as another voice message by his friend, Abdul Amir Ar-Rubaie, left at the number of Khalid's niece.

Sunday, September 09, 2007


Remembering Aref - Documentary Film Trailer

Former President
Abdul Rahman Aref
1916 Baghdad - August 24, 07 Amman

President of IRAQ
Between April 16, 1966 and July 1968

President Aref (middle), King Faisal Al Saoud (left)
and president Jamal Abdul Naser (right) in 1967

Aref's Presidential Achievements
A Partial List

# Opened the doors for negotiations with the Kurds to ensure a democratic solution two months after resuming his presidential duties.

# Lead the negotiations with the Russians to provide weapons for the
Syrian and Egyptian armies

# Visited France and met with President Charles DeGaul, which led to the improvement of relationship with France and the contracting of (not partnering or owning) Iraqi oil

# Implemented the plant to extract sulfur from the natural gas in Kirkuk in 1966

# Implemented the dry-gas pipeline, which transferred gas from Kirkuk to Baghdad to provide power plants, oil refineries and large factories with fuel in 1967

# Implemented the transport pipeline to transfer crude liquid gases from Kirkuk to
Taji Oil Gas Factory in 1967 # Signed the contract for the export of crude oil
from Iraq to Turkey in March 1968

# Signed a protocol allowing the export of piped natural gas from Iraq to Turkey on April 6, 1967


The Institute of Near Eastern & African Studies (INEAS) is
pleased to announce the production of a short documetary film
about the former IRAQI president Abdul Rahman Aref
Coming Soon on DVD

Three-minute Trailer

Footage of the former president, his son and grandson is available for the media

Institute of Near Eastern & African Studies (INEAS)
P.O. Box 425125
Cambridge, MA. 02142 USA

INEAS is an Independent, tax-exempt, educational and cultural organization geared
to educate the public and inform the media on issues related to Asia & Africa.
INEAS was founded in 1994

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