Monday, November 27, 2006


USA Soldier Makes IRAQI Kids Run for Water

Iraqi Kids Run For Water (a mean soldier)

Monday, November 20, 2006

Dahlia Wasfi speaks at Iraq Forum

A must-view segment.

Please forward to Politicians and the media.

Thursday, November 16, 2006


"Death Squads" -- BBC Documentary Film

By Wafaa' Al-Natheema

It is extremely important not to take documentaries produced by Americans and British for granted and to watch them with extreme care (or Hathar in Arabic).

The BBC documentary has completely ignored the fact that these death squads wouldn't have operated without the green light and support of the US-UK-Israel collaborative. This is a sham in the world of journalism.

This documentary's purpose is neither to resolve the problem nor to pinpoint its origin. The American military and mercenary aggression was typically absent from its content. This documentary is designed to fuel further hatred between Iraqis.

This is evident by the conclusive remark: "It shows how little the Americans really controlled the security situation." Oh, those poor Americans are helpless and have no control over the situation!!!. This is one of the most poisonous messages delivered in this one-sided documentary.

The other misleading, yet horrible message delivered was that an American sniper (white, good looking, as usual), in other words, a criminal, was informing us of the criminality of the Iraqi authorities as he was monitoring them. The documentary showed us the secretly taken video scenes whereby Iraqi men used metal bars to beat on their detainees! I laughed when I heard him say that they sent an American military team to interfere and act as "the good guys" [exactly like in the movies], as if they truly cared. I laughed again when I heard him say that one hour later they received orders to back up from this operation (to save the Iraqi detainees). An American criminal is filming Iraqis beating other Iraqis, yet from the way the documentary was edited, viewers (especially average viewers who don't watch with critical mind) would forget his criminality, instead focus on the crulty of Iraqis. In comparison, they seemed worse than him. The Americans didn't come across this image/footage of Iraqis beating Iraqis by coincidence or monitoring. They obtained it because they knew in advance this was going to happen.

Additionally, with the exception of the Iraqi man in Parliament (wearing western suit), all Iraqi faces were depressed, destitute, depressing, degraded and in black from head to toes. Yet all the Americans interviewed were clean, well dressed and usually good looking!! I laughed again out loud when the British woman, who was doing the interviews, made a comment, as she was putting her anti-bullet jacket, that she had to get the information no matter how dangerous the situation was going to be, WOW another “persistent, caring and heroism” scene, Indiana Jones (film) style!

They deceive the world by showing (with so-called proof) that there is a civil war in IRAQ, a war they have been fantasizing about for years, but in reality it has not come true. These politicians in Washington, D.C. , executives of oil corporations and CEOs of multi-national corporations never studied well the history and social fabric of IRAQ. Had they studied it well, they would have learned that Iraqis never had domestic (known as civil) wars before, but rather wars among Iraq's enemies (i.e. Persians with Turks, Turks with British, and so on) who fought each other on Iraqi land while Iraqis getting caught up in the conflict.

This documentary made me angry because it completely neglected the mention of those truly involved in the crime scenes in Iraq, which are the citizens of the USA, UK, Iran and Israel, yet they dared to mention these atrocities mixed with the courageous Iraqi resistance.

All the death squads have been founded and funded by the USA and have been trained in Israel and Eastern Europe. The USA would not let these death squads operate independently on their own when they have invested so much money, time and training on them to execute their USA agendas. They do nothing without the orders and/or the approval of the USA.

I think we, Iraqis, Arabs and Moslems benefit more from watching this and from regularly visiting this reading its many articles and watching its videos.

Death Squads” was a great example of the propaganda that goes on unnoticed in our daily lives.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Rumsfeld said Flight 93 shot down

The Official story was that flight 93 was brought down by courageous passengers who took the control from the "hijackers". It was truly amazing how millions of people bought this unreasonable version of the story!. Why would passengers want to bring down the airplane and kill themselves? Out of heroism? or love toward their homeland or corrupt politicians?!

Many eyewitnesses recall seeing a missle hitting flight 93, but the media, as usual, did not cover it.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Great Chinese Dance -- MUST Watch

Thousand - hand Bodhisattva Dance

21 hearing-impaired dancers have performed this great Chinese dance. The dance symbolizes Buddha’s thousands hands.

If you want to know why this thousand-armed Buddha is represented by only 42 arms, see this page

Also click below to view another wonderful dance live at the Paralympic Games 2008:

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