Thursday, October 19, 2006


Isn't it TIME for Arabs and Moslems?

Whenever I visit countries in the Arab world, I make sure to ask for the source and the maker of products I buy. If they are imported from Europe, USA, Canada or Australia, I do not buy them, not just for the health reasons mentioned below, but for a seriously deserving economic and political boycott, which I began during the hate-crime wave immediately following the September attacks in 2001, and which Arabs and Moslems should have embraced long time ago!
Every Arab, Middle Eastern, Moslem, Asian and African who has been horribly affected by the white westerners' exploitation, robbery and killing and/or who has been against the so-called War on Terrorism should boycott USA/European/Australian products! I hope the E-coli in the American spinach and the hundreds of other unhealthy western products will convince you.

Wafaa' Al-Natheema

The Mexicans have banned IMPORTS from the US

Mexico halts U.S. lettuce imports

Mexico's Department of Health has halted all lettuce imports from the United States after learning of this weekend's recall involving a Salinas-based agribusiness, the state agency said in a press release Monday.

In conjunction with the Agricultural and Rural Development Department, the release said, the government decided to prevent all lettuce coming from the United States from entering the country in 105 ports of entry. The government had also banned the sales of spinach and carrot juice, after massive recalls of the products.

Monterey County Farm Bureau president Bob Perkins said on Tuesday afternoon that he had just learned about Mexico's lettuce ban and did not know why the country made the decision to halt imports.

"As far as we know," Perkins said, "there is absolutely no basis for this type of action... . I can't imagine any reason why Mexico would want to harm our industry."

The ban will likely have a two-part affect on the industry, he said. First, it will affect trade relations between Mexico and the United States.

Secondly, he said, in light of the recent high-profile E.coli outbreak involving spinach, the ban "complicates an already complicated situation in terms of the consumer perception of our vegetable industry."

Read the full story in tomorrow's Herald.

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